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What type of Player are you ? (Bartle's Taxonomy)


Bartle's Taxonomy  

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  1. 1. What Type of Player are you ?

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You are 73% Achiever

What Bartle says:

♦ Achievers regard points-gathering and rising in levels as their main goal, and all is ultimately subserviant to this. Exploration is necessary only to find new sources of treasure, or improved ways of wringing points from it. Socialising is a relaxing method of discovering what other players know about the business of accumulating points, that their knowledge can be applied to the task of gaining riches. Killing is only necessary to eliminate rivals or people who get in the way, or to gain vast amounts of points (if points are awarded for killing other players).


You are also:

67% Killer

53% Explorer

7% Socialiser


this has changed over the years. i used to be 90+% killer and anemic levels of everything else.

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Apparently depending on the test I'm fairly down the middle - but 60% (90th%) Achiever, 60% (75th%) Explorer, 40% (50th%) Killer, 40% (50th%) Socializer from the crowfall group test. 


I guess that makes me mostly geared towards Achiever with a healthy side of Explorer.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

― Plutarch

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my results:
Achiever: 47%
Explorer: 73%
Griefer/Killer: 27%
Socializer: 53%

so there was a question: In a multiplayer world, you are being chased by a monster. Do you... answers possible were either to hide or ask a friend for help... where is the possibility to try and try again untill you defeat it? D: (i know, i know, too much Dark Souls...)

another one: In a multiplayer world you find yourself alone in an area. Do you think... a) its safe to explore, B) you'll have to look somewhere else for a player to challenge... and where is c) expect ambush ahead? or a mimic or a gank...


While i believe the test is right about explorer and socializer, i believe i also love killing... also i think me and some other people would definately need another category:
Paranoid after Dark souls: 140%, always expect to be ganked, a trap or an ambush, and every chest is a mimic until it gets hit.


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This is an excellent talk by Bartle himself on how the methodology for his taxonomy can be miss-used, and should be used.  Some really good examples of using it to make games more appealing to one type or another.





Killer Achiever. (I refuse to call it greifer).


Looks like I got more killer since the last time I took the test.



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Achievement [Aquisition of in-game advancement or progression] and Exploration [Finding things and learning] are the least interesting thing I could possibly imagine in a game.


I am more interested in player-player interaction whether friendly or confrontational. 

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53% Achiever

67% Explorer

40% Killer

40% Socializer


Not too surprised, I'm a more introverted player but I tend to indulge in a little bit of everything. I do tend toward exploring and building up my wealth/character as much as I can though. Not to mention I love testing/using gimmicky or unusual builds.

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A - 13%  E - 53%   K - 60%  S - 73%


I think some of the choices were a little pigeon-holed.  I figure in reality I'm a little higher on Explorer than this shows, because I like "theory-crafting," trying new builds that aren't "meta," and stuff like that, but don't really care to find Easter-eggs or hidden areas, etc.  Low Achievement is no surprise though.

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Achiever 33% Since I usually explore to get the unlocks I was surprised was not higher.

Explorer 80% 

Griefer/Killer 33% Will let people I find, that I could ambush, go on their merry way. Often pay for it later when they stab me in the back 

Socializer 53% Was still in the 75% compared to other crows. 


Apparently I enjoy exploring with friends. Perhaps that is usually why I play a class with a pet. 

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