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Forum - unable to upload profile image

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I have been attempting to add an avatar image to my profile.


it is not currently working for me.


attempted via windows 7 chrome and firefox. tried with both jpg and png of acceptable size and dimensions.


the following errors are visible in chrome dev console:



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I'm having the same problem. even when i try to upload a url. I'm getting URL must start with http and not contain *. It's an image from free to use google images.

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I'm having this same issue, I've tried several different methods including 3rd party image hosting imgur.com, photobucket.com.... and Gravatar... nothing it working.


This is such a minor thing, and I've already spent so much more time on this than I should have. Everyone here is a backer and has put money to this game... 1st we deserve more than 50KB profile images, this isn't 1992. Also, such a basic feature shouldn't be a big issue for the users. Can this please get resolved?

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