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Column: Bring On Siege Perilous!

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I make no efforts to hide my excitement for the things I'm, well, excited for! Call me a fanboy or a shill but if you aren't excited for Siege Perilous, why are you here?!?! Why am I so excited about it? Catapults, destructible walls, sieging a keep and most importantly for a hauling fiend like me, testing some early tech for caravans! I can't wait to try it out and see what the foundation of siege plays like. I also dabbled on a few other news bits like the Ranger and Pann. ;)

I role play a wordsmith.


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Tierless, pander, smander, keep pumping Crowfall to the crowd, nice article by the way, hope you follow it up after you play the ranger. 


Watch Zybaks ranger video too, Pann posted the link somewhere, 

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