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Cheshire has arrived

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And here I am.


Soon I will be on every promising upcoming MMO forum...


Crowfall looks pretty neat, a PvP focused MMO. Many think it can't be done, but I honestly believe it NEEDS to be done. Waaaay too many PvE MMOs out there and not enough PvP MMOs of note.


Let's see how far Crowfall can go! ;D

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Always loved alice in wonderland! Mad Hatter was a handle of mine for awhile. Anyways welcome to crowfall! I too hope there is going to be a wealth of pvp in this game, or at least plenty of opportunity for me to kill people who don't want to pvp :)


See you around!

Do not wish it is easier, wish you were better.

A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him.

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