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I understand the need for keeping healing sparse in a PvP focused MMO.


In PvE, healers are great because the PCs aren't -supposed- to lose, just be challenged.


In PvP, healers aren't so great for the playability of the game since somebody -has- to lose and a good set of healers on both sides of a conflict can completely stop that from happening, resulting in a stalemate in many cases, which isn't all that great an outcome in PvP.


At the same time, healers still have their place in PvP. Many PvP focused games across genres have at least one healer type to play as, like the medic in Team Fortress 2 lol

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Welcome to CF!


This being in super early pre-Alpha it may look like the game it is light on one thing or another so I'd recommend checking out the http://crowfall.com/en/archetypes/ section to see some of the other support archetypes coming as the build the game. 


I personally can't wait for the Druid and Frost Weaver to be made  :)

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I've read somewhere that the Druid will have some interesting healing powers and it's (one of) the next archetypes to get implemented. That hasn't been confirmed by the devs as far as I know, but I think that there's a good chance this information is accurate.  :)

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The druid info does look interesting.  I like the dichotomy between healing and nuking, it forces a little more of a risk/reward to the healing and support role that I think changes things from the typical paradigm presented for this role.


Inner Sanctum Rep / Elder

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