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Typically, if they aren't macroing, they'll double box some thing like 2 minotaur warriors. Combat is auto follow unless they're rooted or something. People will also dual box some kind of character that compliments another like a wizard/scout, assassin/scout, huntress/scout, templar/scout, etc. The scout shouldn't die too easily by the time other character finishes killing. Windowed mode and alt+tab plus a few macro'd things like the track button.



More or less accurate. Depending on when you are talking about, I ran 2 or 3 assassins and generally a sentinel. The sentinel was half macroed but I still had to move it around. The assassins were all manually controlled by flipping screens. Generally the second and third were used for randomly debuffing or would become the primary once the main one fell. I did cycle mantles on called targets if I knew their priests were good though.


It got to the point that playing just one was almost too easy and was almost boring.

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If you're having trouble with the camera view you might have to go into the configuration app. When I DLd SB from MagicBane the camera push option was turned off and wouldn't make a difference if I tried changing through the in game menu, but you can open the config exe and turn it on in there.

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If I remember well the default key for moving the camera was mouse scroll. Overall I dislike when I have to get mouse cursor at the screen border to push camera view. Holding L or R mouse is fine, by me, or the FPS-like camera that follows the mouse cursor. Maybe I'm just too lazy to play online games...  :P

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