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First look at Siege Perilous!


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Some gameplay from my experiences on Siege Perilous last night. Was having recording issues so didn't manage to get it all :(



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No Hunger Dome is quite a lot smoother. Also I must confess to having a couple of videos rendering in the background, though I had them set to very low priority so shouldn't have been a system hog.


I know the frame rate in the top stats was quite low, but it didn't feel like that was the problem (I used to play Skyrim on a laptop. Ugh), this felt more like server lag which is understandable considering there must be quite a few more calls being made (ie wall hits / wall damage / rubble, etc). 


With optimization I'm confident things will be much more smooth. Most concerning was actually the rubber banding - I have bad memories of that from the early days of Shadowbane.

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