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Hail - User Name Formatting

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Can I have my username changed to Malant? Capital M ftw. 


plz thx. 


Write a mail to support@artcraftent.com. They will help you.


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This is an issue started just about the time I joined ArtCraft. I can't even remember now what happened that broke it in the first place. The forums don't run on Invision alone - there are a lot of connected apps and services on the backend that need to play well together and sometimes they don't, or they might for a while and then one of them decides to belly up unexpectedly. 


The 'fix' was supposed to be allowing people to change their own names, with the presumption that they would use it to correct the capitalization issue. Instead, it was immediately abused by a number of users who 'swapped' names with other users or renamed themselves something silly because they thought they could easily change it back; however, there was a timer on the feature (two weeks, I think). It was a mess. So, we disabled name change feature for users. 


TL;DR: Email Support and we'll fix it (like Canth said). 

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