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Please add Last Names.

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Please add a "Last Name" system its something many MMO games fail to do so you end up with names with a bunch of numbers or zero's at the end its annoying.


Please add Last Name so players can be like BOB + Last Name, or expand characters so they can contain a space and like 20 characters.

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Well, with the Crow and vessel system, I would suggest your "Crow" name be your "last name" and your "first name" be your vessel name.


Could be but when a new player tries to take the name BOB for example, and that name is taken this is a problem ,Blizzard as a company has solved this by giving everyone a random ID# so a user can always get the name they want.

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From the FAQ:
"Crows will have a unique name.  Avatars can take names as well, but they are not unique."

(Avatar is the vessel currently equipped.)


Don't remember any specific info about the Crow's unique name, but I doubt you can't have space in it, so you can have last/first name.

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