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Website Issues with login and viewing on mobile

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Hi few annoying issues that I figured I should drop a word on....


Logging in to the forums


At home I am logged into the forum via chrome no issues on windows 10. At work I can not log into the forums on Google chrome in win7. It will let me log into my account but when I link to the forums its shows me not connected. I had to log into internet explorer to reach the forums logged in to my account,


On my Iphone 6 plus I cannot log into the forums on Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. It lets me log into the account but when forwarding to the forum will not keep me logged in.



Also viewing the calendar on my Iphone on any of the above three browsers cuts off the Friday / Saturday columns.  

Hammers High !!  Master Brewer of the Dwarven Hold Mithril Warhammers


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Thanks for reporting these issues; I'll pass them along to Ed. I'm curious to know if others have also experienced any or all of these. 

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I think the mobile login problem has been around for a long time. Try using the Full Version to login, and then switch to the mobile version.

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