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Archetypes, weapons and skill questions.

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Does a player select their archetype when they create their crow or can they have multiple vessels with different archetypes? If you choose one archetype, are you bound by the skills and weapons available to that archetype or can you mix and match (with limits), for example, a sorcerer-like character who can use AOE spells and can equip heavy armor and use one-handed swords?

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1.) You have one "character", your Crow. Your Crow can possess any type of Vessel (excluded the newly introduced ones for a certain time, when VIP is required - ACE has said something like this), changing "your archetype" to the vessel's.


2.) Archetypes can use only Archetype-specific weapons (like Confessors can use only Books as weapons), but armor is not Archetype-specific. The different armors are good against different types of damage, f.e. Plate armor is good against slashing but weak against crushing damage.


3.) You can get some non-archetype skills from Discipline-"runes", but those are designed by ACE, so you can't get any skill from another archetype (probably, we don't know yet all the details about them).


Some interesting FAQs about similar topics:

Crows&Vessels, Character/Skill Advancements, Skills, General Gameplay Subcategory

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