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Would you upgrade from Bronze to alpha 2?

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Any major reason to do this? It's $75. Just curious. I missed on upgrading before the cutoff and this is only available. Or would you stick with what you have if you were in my shoes?


Thank you. 

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I just didnt see anything too important.. Like if alpha 2 and 3 was a huge time period apart then maybe.. But for what I got for $100.. the $75 extra seems kinda slim in comparison. 


Thank you for reply. Think I will just use what I have already. 

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Yeah like Urahar said, I would not upgrade to just get Alpha 2 access.  I am an Alpha 3 backer and would love to get into SP but we will get into it soon.  Just have fun in HD and when we are able to, have fun in SP.

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It's not a bad deal.  4 months of VIP are included, so essentially you're paying $15 for moving from Alpha 3 to Alpha 2.  To get into SP a week early, no big deal.  But it's also earlier access to each successive module after.


Damnit, now I'm considering it, too.


Edit to add: the only thing holding me back is that the VIP ticket is not particularly useful for me.  I am the sort of player who'll have one archetype, and focus on being as good as I can at that one archetype.  So levelling two other archetypes is pretty meaningless for me.

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I would aim for alpha 3, or another game, no point in spending triple the cost for 1 game when you could have complete games in tandem.


BDO, Dragon's Dogma, GW2. They may lack something you want, but a complete game is far more rewarding than obsessing over a game in production.

a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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