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moneda Gameplay~

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With lag spikes heavily diminished and [low yet] stable FPS, yesterday I finally managed to capture some video I feel is worthy of sharing.


Description: A bit of [mostly unedited] gameplay from the Crowfall pre-alpha combat test performed on April 15, 2016.


Link[Why we no get video embed?]

/salute to oberon for making the most interesting bit of this footage as interesting as it is, LOL.
Edited by moneda

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My second time playing as the Ranger


/salute to [CAL] for carrying me    :D  


No problem! [CAL] was also the other team we were fighting as well!




oh another view of me taking 37k damage in two seconds from Myrm C then being sniped by a root/bleed! 




at 2:09 - you are not bad! rapid fire is really really hard to hit on moving side wise targets...an issue with power rather than you!

Edited by Tinnis

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Two videos from Oct. 6th testing.


One: Hyriol and I (mostly Hyriol, lol) roll up on a group at a campfire and engage in a 2v4.


Two: The remaining 4 of my group faces a group of 5 and nearly wipes them (damn your elusiveness, Tinnis!) and is then engaged upon by another group of 5. When Hyriol and I are the only ones left in our group we must attempt a 2v5!

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The game's looking better than ever, but that's netted me a drop in FPS, so pardon my freezing/stuttering. :blush:

Oh, also shout out to Blazzen. I saw your bug report. Hopefully we'll get another fight in next week where all your powers work.


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