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Boerue - Shamanic Sci-Fi Animation Series


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First of all i accept the fact that what im going to do is ethically ambigious, and sorry for that but since all of us already pledged our loyalty to crowfall (btw even ign believes our love of relatively brutal mmos instead of popular carebears gratz!after 20 something years we have a voice) i really want to advertise a kickstarter page  and there are no better place i can think of than looking for support to a shamanic, element collecting cartoon series then a place which has tones of fans of the similar genres. I shared the link below check it.if you can pledge, and share in social media if you like it (i have no social media accounts so you guys are the only place i can share this anyway).




Ps: Im sharing this simply because "apparently" im a nationalist(?) and this project comes from my country,

Turkish/Monghol mythology is really deep and fun and i enjoyed these tales throughout my life.

I really do believe that a culture which is so ancient yet not known enough should be advertised anyways.

Even the title of their project has "shamanic" in it yet sky god and his religion is named as Tengriism so its a shame on their part but im willing to oversee that since it is first of its kind.

One more thing if you watch the video to the end when they introduce the team there is one guy there who is named Erlik, ido believe that even they didnt noticed this but Erlik is the name of a malovelent god/spirit and is a son of sky god himself. And also my choice of name for a rogue based assasin/ranger toons in most mmos.


Edit: I was about to close my browser tabs and head out but i noticed a simple consistency error which needed clearance, i said 20 years in which i meant ultima online and that could be understandable to most yet im 26 years old and just like a childhood love that ruins all relationships for you my mmo "fetish" started around late 2013-early 2014 with sb and f**k sb it ruined all mmos, even gaming for me.

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