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Vassal Guilds

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How about if a smaller guild would enter into an alliance with a larger guild and be able to call upon each other during guild conflicts. This could encourage guilds to specialize to be able to play roles in the alliance, like griefing enemies, crafting certain kinds of gear, favoring certain kinds of play styles, and more.

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The fealty tree provides a system for vassal guilds within a guild.

At the start of a campaign, the vassal guild(s) would declare the name of the master guild in order to get a full share of export vault spoils.


Guilds who kneel during a campaign get a smaller share of their export spoils.

I think kneeling should commit the subguild for the duration of the campaign ('cuz decisions matter) but ACE Devs are leaning toward non-committal kneeling.


Nut cupping is another matter and will have no mechanic, since it involves a "secret" deal between otherwise independent guilds.

I think the K-Mart of MMO's already exists!  And it ain't us!   :)


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Yes, I expect (and hope for) a two-shield mechanic, similar to Nation/Guild from Shadowbane.

I hope to see this, as well. Even seeing dual shields in SP is reminiscent (and oh-so nostalgic), and the relationships developed this way in Shadowbane were often beneficial for both parties. It allows for a broader gaming experience, as well, since some groups might want to find a balance between large-guild life and benefits and small-guild cohesion and community.

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