Shadowbane Players Where ya at?

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- Member of Warrior Nation on Chaos, Death & Entropy

- Member of Dictators of Fate on Death

- Member of Vicious Cycle on Entropy

- Member of Crime Syndicate on Entropy

- Member of Death's Advocates on Entropy

- Member of Crime Syndicate / Fight the Power on Mourning


I had chars on Vengeance & Corruption for attending banes, I know on Vengeance my char was with Lordknights. Don't remember who I played with on Corruption.


Then I came back right for a like a week at the very close of the servers, can't remember the guild nor the server even... x)



Fun times, lots of memories of killing and being killed by LoD on Death. :) Great battles on Entropy, by far my favorite server. So many fun banes, VC's capital getting taken down, the war between DA vs WMD, CS vs basically everyone, good times. :D

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