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ReRoll Survival Game


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Hello beloved Crowfall fellows!


I wanted to talk about a game project which started in February 2014.

Its name is/was ReRoll. It was concepted as a Survival Action-RPG.

ReRoll was the first game project of a new founded studio called Pixyul.

It was a very ambitioned project, they wanted to scan the whole world with drones bit by bit and then replicate the world in their game.

Unfortunately the game project was last updated in December 2014. ReRoll seems to be a lost game project by now, without being officially cancelled by the studio yet. The studio started working on another titel already, called Bios, which is in the FPS genre.

I was reading through the forums of ReRoll. It was really upsetting reading the comments of people really waiting for this game to happen. :(

I am glad that ACE is so much different from them. I really appreciate it by now even more, their integrity.






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After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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