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Will there be a new NCsoft MMO anytime soon?


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Hello beloved Crowfall fellows!


I was asking myself why there arent any MMOs from the big publishers in the making anymore.

Well thre are a couple of reasons as we know already, most important ones are financial risk and failing of meeting the customers demands of all recent MMO titles.

So I was asking myself what the big publishers, who are focused mainly or exclusively on the MMO genre are going to do.

NCsoft came into my mind, as they are focused on MMOs. I cant think of other publishers concentrated on the MMO genre by now.


Do you think NCsoft will announce a new MMO anytime soon, or got it already in the works?

Will it be more sandbox orientated? What type or concept would it be?

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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I'm actually more interested in seeing more CORPGS like the first Guild Wars. I don't think most of these developers have what it takes to churn out all the features expected from an MMO, and I'd be happy with a rich cooperative and competitive game rather than see another flop crumple under the weight of 1000 expectations.

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