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A Game that I am Making


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Hello everyone! I debated on whether or not I should post this here. However, I decided that it is just as good a place as any.


Anyway, this here thread is to discuss a game that I am making. How this all got started, is with one simple idea. I was sitting around playing a online trading card game on my phone. I really do like trading card games even though I have not played them a lot. I like that you have to use some sort of strategy when playing because the cards are always in a random shuffled order. Furthermore, building a good deck requires more strategy in finding the right ration of cards for your deck and what card should even be placed in this.


This got me to thinking, what if you could make a skill system like a deck. In my mind this would eliminated the need to have ridiculous amounts of hotbar slots because you can only hold so many cards at one time. It would be an interesting idea because then you could have infinite amounts of skills and it would be up to the user to create a deck that fits their needs. Furthermore, it would require some skill to play since you must decide what cards you should keep, which you should throw away, and if you should draw a card at that time.


This idea really got me excited, because I then started thinking of miniature games. What if you had a 3d networked strategy game that was like a mix of an action game, card game, and miniature game?  It sounds a bit ridiculous but I started to hash out the tech within Unity (I am a programmer). I ended up coming up with this idea which I think it cool for a networked game.


Game Basics


background: The game revolves around the endless struggle between the elemental races of fire, water, earth, and air as they go about altering the world itself.


game world: The game world is a n x n grid of h x h terrain pieces resembling a chess board.


game rules: Each match starts with a 'clean world' the goal is for your faction to attune the whole board to your chosen element (pretty simple). each terrain piece can be attuned to your element by expending mana in order to increase its elemental affinity.


sounds pretty simple right, but wait there is more because the ability and crafting system makes this way more complicated.


Card System


Cards are split into two types:


      Ability: Abilities such as spells etc....

      Utility: Things that increase your capabilities like increase attack, increase crafting quality etc...


You can actively hold 5 ability cards and 2 utility cards


Furthermore, there is special cards like cataclysm cards that can create tornadoes, rainstorms, and even change a terrain piece.




Besides being able to draw ability and utility cards from your deck you also have a basic weapon attack and a special attack




For the races I want a variety of different elemental creatures so here is just some ideas outlined:


Earth: Timberwolf, gnome, dwarf etc....


Air: Sylph, harpy etc...


Water: Siren, kelpie etc..


Fire: Ember bear, ifreet etc...


As you can you can not only play humanoids but you can play bestial creatures. Each creature has its own strengths and weaknesses.



I have been diligently working on the card system in Unity and so far its looking pretty good. I would show it but the graphics are horrendous because I am not an art person :(



It is a third person game sort of like crowfall were you use the mouse to rotate and look around with the camera.


Drawing a card is done by the f key and once drawn you can use 1 to hold card, 2 to discard it (it gets destroyed never to return again), and 3 to enlarge the card to read it better.


You an hold 5 ability cards at one time. Once held you can use 1 - 5 to activate the respective cards. (Duplicates increase the card charge by 1 so they don't take up extra space)


Q and R will be to use your respective utility cards.


Lastly, right mouse button is for your weapon basic attack , left for your special attack, and some classes have stances which can be activated by shift.


End Note


Thank you everyone who read! I am really looking for some feedback about the basic idea of the game, and since you guys are a great community I thought I wold post my idea here.


If any of you want to contribute I do need 3d, 2d, and particle effect artists.  private message me if you want more info.


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