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Hello To All!

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Hey, my names Connal and I have been a huge roleplaying fan for about 10 years now.


Crowfall looks good to me, the character generation, city sieges, etc. However my fear is that there won't be any roleplaying guilds or any chance to roleplay in.


Can anyone confirm/disprove these fears?


Thanks :)

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The best servers on Shadowbane were the roleplaying pvp ones. While I haven't seen any serious roleplaying guilds yet, that isn't surprising considering there's very little lore currently. So I wouldn't worry about it; they will come, and in numbers.

Cannibal Man - Future serial killer

I can't even.  You win, I am done with this part of the discussion.


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I'm a RP enthusiast, though mine tend to be on boards and fiction posts, but I still love seeing and taking part in it in game!  Our guild for Crowfall intends to actively grow a strong RP element, and I'm sure we won't be the only ones!



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