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-W- in Siege Perilous

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Here is something I was recording mostly to catch bugs but it is a SP match starting from the point where the attackers are about to break in. Has some decent footage of the wall blowing up and crumbling as well as using choke points to our advantage.



Defending a breach in the wall:



Second Video with 18 in -W- TS on the same side(match is extremely one sided):



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I'm at work and can't watch this right now, but I hope this is the one where we (attackers) got so totally stuck in the wall rubble? Would be very helpful for the Devs to watch this if so.



Yeah it is. The wall fell on me and I was stuck in it for quite a while.


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Me when I emerged from the rubble to find those bastards stuffed into the keep doorway like a wine bottle cork:




Hahaha, perfect.



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That's what I thought too. I just can't figure out how / why. You guys should have stomped us in that engagement. Trying to figure what causes what in SP. It isn't always clear.

We were heavily split in that engagement. I can't remember why at this point but I do clearly remember that we were hitting separate objectives


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