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Question on parcels


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I'm pretty new to Crowfall, but ever since I heard about the parcel concept I was wondering about this one thing:


What happens to the empty tiles in between two parcels?


Thanks in advance.

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I think there is some video some where that JTodd says the empty tiles in your EK was going to be randomly placed, uneditable "wild terrain" parcel.  I'm far too lazy to go look it up. :D

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Yea, last time I checked it was a wild terrain parcel. No edits available till you drop a parcel on it to make it build able. You can still move through it though, just can't say place a random merchant shop on it or build a nice fancy fort.

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To add on to what Vuris said by dropping a link to the EK FAQ:






Kingdoms start with raw land filled with wilderness. We call an empty cell “wild”; it’s basically untamed (and unusable) forest. You cannot build assets on land that is wild – and, without buildings, the land has very little utility/function.


To develop one or more “wild” cells into useable land, you buy parcels (using in-game resources or from our web store) and drop them using the Kingdom Builder tool.


Each parcel represents a contiguous tract of land that can be dropped onto your kingdom map. Parcels can have unique shapes (like Tetris pieces) that always fit within the boundaries of one or more cells. Parcels cannot be overlapped (again, like Tetris pieces) but they CAN be moved, so placing them is not a permanent decision.


Parcels are just containers, though. A kingdom filled with parcels (and no buildings) would look cool, but have no game effect.




BTW EKs are my jam so if you ever have a question please feel free to ask :)

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