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Campaign Support Roles

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I am making this post in response to simplyskyler's post to the master crafter list.


I'm more than likely going to specialize in a craft or two, but the one I'm most interested in is the tracking skill. Am I still a crafter or a tracker? I dunno. I'll likely be doing more than that too but I'm unsure as to what. Maybe Necromancy?


I wanted to give my opinion on this matter, and get the opinions of the others on this forum.


As for me, I personally feel that trackers are a different subset of the campaign support roles. I consider it to be equally viable and will be working my hardest to recruit a few into my guild when the time comes for that.


I believe that there are three support roles in this game, and I break them out thus: crafters, explores, and suppliers. Without all three of these roles in your army it will speak poorly of your campaign's chances of the success. 


 Here is how I break up the three roles:


Crafters: These contain all of the skills that are under the crafting branch of the general skills. Crafters take raw materials for suppliers and turn them into items to be used by everyone else in the campaign.


Explorers: Include the skills tracking, maybe Animal husbandry and if there is an ability that allows for the making of maps then it too. Explorers are the guys who are best equipped to find POI's and other things like paths that lead to the enemy's stronghold.


Suppliers: Farming, harvesting, and maybe Animal husbandry. These guys produce or gather raw materials for other members of the campaign to use in creating item, eating for survival, or just to sale.



How do you break up the roles, and what is your opinion on the concept I have put forward here? Will you be considering this when working with your guild in a campaign?



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I'm with you on the three-trees-system, and my guild - and I think I saw it for many others as well - has already included such a system in our ranks. I wouldn't put animal husbandry to the explorers, though. It's about taming animals. The finding part will possibly be done by others, like: hey, I've seen a gang of potential packanimals down there, could one of our tamers go and.....you know.

Ridables, beasts of burden and bloodlusty pets are essential recources to be used so....yeah. Suppliers only.

I would maybe, if we're going to be specific, add stealth as a point for the explorers: spys and scouts will need it.


But all in all....good summary :D

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