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Whats The Best Mmo That You Played?

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Crazy (I mean crazy) amount of diversity in builds.

Tons of content. First build of game (prophecies) had 25 story missions each at about an hour.

Tons of bosses that you could kill and steal their elite spells.

So many great mechanics.

3500 hours when I was 5 years younger.

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Ultima Online before tram came out!


Ultima has a unique experience that horrifies a lot of people in many ways. You have to make choices about what to sink your skill specializations into because of the amount of time it takes to level them, and because you can't do everything with one character.  The ruthless PvP that exists like in the real world where if you are slain by someone out in the wild they can loot your corpse and take all your stuff. Things like that make you think about what you want to do, and prepare for the potential adventure you're going to embark on. Even if it's to go kill some low level bandits out in the woods you have to consider the potential attack of real player murderers that would rather kill you to make a profit than the npcs.


That game was definitely my favorite despite how outdated it is now, and how difficult and frustrating it could be at times.

“The difference between the quest for the Holy Grail and someone saying ‘bring me a cup’ is the flavor text and the number of stops involved.”
― Bryan Fields

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Darkfall before skill gain x10.


The game was much more active and fun before the skill gain increase for unrelated reasons, but IMO the increase helped the grind quite a bit and should have just been the default since day 1.

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I'm not a huge mmo fan to be honest. 

I enjoy PvP most in competition similar to rank play in League of legends, chess online, or World of Tanks,

and fps battle royale in h1z1, or just arcade shoters like BF Hardline.

A good single player rpg. Skyrim for sure.


Although, I had great memories from pre-trammel in UO, and Shadowbane since I didn't quit due to sb.exe issues,

and stayed with it until the end.

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Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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