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Whats The Best Mmo That You Played?

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My favorite MMO was World of Warcraft from Vanilla-WOTLK. Loved the PvE/PvP and atmosphere of the game. The community was active and everything felt like it mattered so much. Also this is was before the big YouTube and Twitch gaming boom so there was a decent bit of mystery in the game, especially when it came to high rated PvP.


The best thing about vanilla and BC era WoW-PvP was how easy it was to break.

I have very fond memories of playing a protection paladin in alterac valley and reflecting more damage onto my attacker on each block then the average level 60 rogue had as total health.

I think I made it to military rank 8 or 9 in vanilla without ever really attacking anybody.


In BC with abusing druid tank gear, a very weird talent allocation and dodge trinkets you could create rogues that were actually the next best thing to permanently immune to physical damage.


Good times.

Constant optimism will not solve your problems,

but it will annoy enough people to be worth the effort.

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