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When the Trees go dark - Official discussion thread

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Interesting lore update. "We use them as a thin shield against the encroaching Hunger, although we know it will not last." So possibly that the Trees of Life will provide a certain protection against the Hunger?




I think that it's a pretty good idea to revisit some of the information that were shared in the past. I'm sure that many of the current active backers have missed some of the lore or feature updates that were presented about a year ago. And it's nice to know that the team is busy working on something cool.  ^_^

That would depend on the rules for season change in each CW.

I think the K-Mart of MMO's already exists!  And it ain't us!   :)


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Yeah, yeah, I know... It's not the meaty sort of update everyone likes. The truth of the matter is that small updates like this are usually indicative of everyone on the team being eyeballs deep in so

So pumped about this update.  

It sounds like a lot of the Lore from Shadowbane is being recycled and repackaged for Crowfall, which I love. One of the things I miss most about old SB was the Moorcock-esque world wherein the gods a

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