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-W- in SP 4/26/16

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I have 4 recordings I am going to be posting from tonight but as of now, only 3 are finished uploading.


The first is of the end of a game. I'm curious if it was a bug that the tree going down wasn't announced or if the attackers won based off of the percentage of the ToL being lower than the bane trees health.





The second is a fairly boring match but at 1:51, the projectiles from two catapults collide in air and detonate. I didn't actually know this was possible until it happened and thought it was pretty cool. Second link goes directly to the collisions.







The third has a cool hole get opened in the wall which Tyrant later destroys while burying me in the wall. I was not pleased. Second link goes to the wall collapse.
4th Video:
Description is down below or in the video description on youtube.
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It could be that is the intended outcome but I posted it just to check. It may just be the destruction messages were not sent to my client as well. I submitted my logs so they can look over them.


I edited the first post to have the third video where tyrant dumps a wall on my head.


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Here is the last video:




It features us having to back up to defend the bane trees when our catapults all decided to attack different parts of the wall.


It also shows how effective healing the bane trees can be with the legionnaires.


It again shows that rubble is a huge problem. The catapults definitely help though so there has been an improvement.


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That game was so damn frustrating. Pugs grabbed the catapults - which we defended quite well - and played bumper cars or something with them. Which keeps the walls from ever falling. Never even got on the same wall section from what I could tell.


Makes the game impossible to win, no matter how many engagements you dominate.

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