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'Quick cast' / 'Quick combo'?

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I love the combo system. If anything I want more combo skills and more branching (with more complicated trigger effects / bonus effects on certain conditions)


However - what do you think of a 'Quick' skill relating to combos [likely discipline]


My initial idea is based off DAOC's quickcast - but modified to fit Crowfall.


- You trigger the skill (with a LONG cooldown) and then the next combo skill you activates will immediately go to the end of the chain.


- For non channeled non combo powers - increase the animation speed (e.g. Lego's scatter horde)


- For channeled non combo powers - increased the charge rate or instantly fully charged (e.g. Confessor's Meteor)


- To prevent 'front loading' powers - use Champion's #5 ultimate warrior hateful mechanic. The skill must be charged by dealing and taking damage before it can be used. When charged it can only be used for a certain time before reset to 0. Charge decays in and out of combat.


- Beyond the skill charge time / cool down - could additionally make the power you used have a longer cool down than normal - or cost additional resource to use.


I'm not wanting to avoid combos - this is a suggestion for more dynamic and unpredictable combat options for 'oh crap' moments and for people to turn things around unexpectedly and dramatically with skillful timing and use.


[as currently the combos are very rotational and predicable]


Please share your thoughts for this suggestion and the combo system in general!

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