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New phone and 2FA won't work


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Hello (anyone who will listen)


I have recently purchased a new phone and my google authenticator doesn't work anymore.


I was wondering if this is something I need to fix or is this something that can be fixed on the artcraftent side?


My general issue is - A) I cannot login when executing the crowfall updater and I cannot login to participate in testing.


Also - when I do login via reset passord and clicking the link sent to my email - I cannot remove the 2FA feature or change my password (because it all req's the 2FA).


So any help/suggestions would be appreciated (no trolling please, ((or does that just mean I am asking for it?))



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uh, you should have removed 2FA before getting a new phone. But in case you don't have your old phone still in your possession just fire away an email to the support explaining your situation, they'll remove your 2FA and you'll be free to log back in again and to activate 2FA again, just remember to remove next time you change yer phone.

Officer of The BlackHand Order

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