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AC2 Darktiders - Roll Call

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I've seen some people indicate they came from AC2 Darktide.


Roll call all.

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Not from DarkTide, but I was in AC1 starting from Beta on TD. Then after a break was in AC2 TD in a shadow guild. I fondly remember the KvK fort battles on Aramora, and have been looking for a similiar experience ever since.

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AC2 was my first MMO (on dial up internet...and yes Chaos Eidolon was the worst on dial up), Frostfell though.

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10 minutes ago, Jah said:

Had a lot of fun in AC1 Darktide as Fela of the Clan of the Hand.

Didn't love AC2 so I played Shadowbane instead.

The 2 boxes I had in my hand at the store when looking to try my first MMO was AC2 and Shadowbane, the thing that pushed me over to AC2 over Shadowbane was on the box it was advertised "You have the ability to impact the game world! Help rebuild the land of Dereth and determine which cities and resources are restored" a feature that was never implemented.... Guess it didn't matter as neither game ultimately stood the test of time.



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Only played the AC2 beta for like an hour, certainly wasn't going to get my dad to spend thousands on a new PC just to get it running smoothly at the time.

Started as a Wintersebb carebear in AC1 for a good while, then moved onto Darktide for the real game. By the time I was ready to commit to the game seriously, they had already started in the balance patch spiral of death between magic, weapons, and armor counter types.

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