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[NA] Ghosts of the Revolution |PvX|18+|TS3|Forums|

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Come one come all! 


Ghosts of the Revolution is currently looking for dedicated quality members interested in competing for end game content. We have a great social atmosphere that is always popping with chat. You may know us from games such as TERA, EVE Online, SWTOR, Wildstar, BDO and GuildWars 2 and Skyforge! We are a multi-gaming community with dedication to Crowfall.  Play Blizzard Games? MOBAs? FPS? HELLO KITTY ISLAND ADVENTURE?! We have many games that we dabble in, come see whats the new hotness.
We are looking to have a small foothold in the community before launch and will have plenty of room for you and your friends. Ghosts of the Revolution has over a decade of community presence so there is no fear of dissolving or leadership being non-existent in the game. We are also not opposed to working with other groups for allegiances. 
If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me!
** What we have to offer **
15+ years worth of consistent community presence.
Structure and promotional opportunities
Teamspeak3 with Official forums
Discord - for information
Your next best friend that you might have awkward moments with.
Your next questionably drunkin confrontation with the person who used to be your best friend while riding donkeys that are also too drunk to keep footing.
Comradery in a mature NO DRAMA atmosphere (seriously if you are tooting someones horn that doesn't want to be tooted and explicitly states no tooting you can find entertainment elsewhere)
Consistent teamspeak and ingame presence, we always have people to talk to!
Quality people! We don't accept anyone and everyone.


** Requirements **
Be Active
Be Drama Free....please....
Be that guy/gal people want to chill with, your time here will be much better spent.
18 years of age or older physically and mentally, we are a mature community after all!
Teamspeak is required for any organized groups or operations. A microphone is encouraged if you wish to relay important intel.
Our Website


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MMO Gaming since 99 - If you want good company add me!

[NA] Ghosts of the Revolution |PvX|21+|TS3|Forums|

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Welcome to the fun that is the Guild Recruitment section!


It's not quite as lively and interesting as it once was, but that should pick back up as soon as someone decides to start throwing stones at each other again.


Hmm... where's Gizmaul at... I should use him for target practice...


Chapter Leader


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Good Morning Folks, 


We are looking for a few good people to run some tabletop simulator.

We are currently playing: Overwatch, Evolve Stage 2, Planetside, Starbound and ARK. We have respective servers for each as applicable. Send me a message and I'll get you connected!

MMO Gaming since 99 - If you want good company add me!

[NA] Ghosts of the Revolution |PvX|21+|TS3|Forums|

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