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Hello Everyone

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Hey, I'm Mazon, and I'm excited to a part of the upcoming game of Crowfall.


I am really interested in the EK aspect of the game, and the potential to meet new players to build a thriving EK together.


I have been wandering for many years, ever since the Shadowbane servers shut down.  I'm looking forward to my crow finding a place to call home, in this game and the community.


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Good afternoon and welcome to the community, Shadowbane IMO was cut short :( 


We have a group of guys that play alot of different games atm the focus being The Division, Planetside 2, League of Legends and soon Overwatch.

MMO Gaming since 99 - If you want good company add me!

[NA] Ghosts of the Revolution |PvX|21+|TS3|Forums|

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Welcome to what is FINALLY looking to be a pretty solid successor to Shadowbane!  You're definitely one of many of us who've been searching for some time to recreate that experience and you're not likely to find a better hope for that than here!


Chapter Leader


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