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Water on all sides


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I layed down on the beach chilled from the nights air, bloody from the battle, but so tired that it didn't take me long to fall asleep.




I heard something, but It wasn't a whisper, it was a loud pounding like the beating of the waves against the ancient rock.


I couldn't help but listen to the waves and the orderly crash and retreat, crash and retreat; yet within the waves there was a more serene message that I heard "build for me", and again "build for me".


I then saw a pebble being thrown into the calm lake, and ripples skirted to the water's edge, where I saw red mingling with water, turning purity to a murky concoction of life & death.


Finally I was shown a great land with nothing but vegetation; wild flowers and all manor of chaos.  The words came back to me "build for me".


I awoke from my dream, and it was morning.  I started on my journey and over the next ridge a familiar feeling came over me; like I had visited this place before.  I stopped and gazed upon the very place my dream had shown me.


It was then that everything came into focus.  I was being called by the Empress of the Sea; my new devotion was now to build her a city.


{OOC} Welcome to a new journey that I would like to take with anyone interested.  I plan on building a city in the Eternal Kingdoms dedicated to the service of Maeve.

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Finally the idea is prospering; now to find an architect that will help design a city that inspires our devotion to Maeve.  Should it have lots of fountains, or bend the rivers to our will so the citizens can see Maeve's power every day.  There is so much to think about, and so many resources to gather.


At least I have the ideas penned out  and safe in my satchel.  When Maeve called me, I never realized that devotion came at such an exhausting price.

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