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Hello from an MMO Veteran

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I have played numerous MMO's including: Auto Assault, Guild Wars 1 & 2, WoW, SWTOR, ESO on Xbox One, and if you count them Destiny and The Division.  I heard about Crowfall from YouTube and fell in love with the game in how its different.  Out of all the MMO's I have played I always remember Auto Assault standing out since it was significantly different from all the others.  Besides all of MMOs,I play many other video games in my free time and I am looking forward the playing Overwatch on Xbox One, when released.  I just recently purchased the gold bundle after deciding that I would love to play Crowfall and see how it continues to grow.  


I would love to join a well organized and skilled guild that is ready to pvp and take over several kingdoms.  I have an okay mic that is ready for use and I am comfortable using TeamSpeak or Ventrillo.



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Thank you for playing Auto Assault. It had so much potential, but I think we were just a wee bit ahead of our time. I hope you enjoy Crowfall. 

Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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+1 for the auto assault reference. 


I recall playing that pretty extensively. Welcome to the community. What games are you currrently playing now? We have a small dedicated group in overwatch on PC at the moment as well! We are definitely looking forward to its release.

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MMO Gaming since 99 - If you want good company add me!

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