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What is everyone's favorite MMO they have played?

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If MUD's count as MMO's (I vote they should!) then Gemstone III/IV was my favourite (still is?).


Shadowbane still is somehow special -- my first graphical MMO, such good times, and the game to which I compare all others since.


I would be lying if I didn't mention that I loved WoW at times, too.

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I liked Firefall very much, it had so much potential, but didnt use it.


Daoc.   Nothing beats your first mmo

Shadowbane:  Nothing beat the open world PvP that this game had, it was exciting, it was dangerous, it was fun. I thought MMO's after Shadowbane would follow in the footsteps of open world PvP, that Shadowbane would blaze a glorious trail for the MMO industry.  It's as if there was a fork in the road in the early 2000's, with open world / sandbox / PvP games like Shadowbane down one end, and WoW down another.  The MMO industry chose poorly. 


Auto Assault: Cool cars, good music, good combat! (bad MMO)


WoW TBC: Level 59 twink Holy Shock Paladin  I trash this game, but Alterac Valley could be fun when half the Alliance was sitting in my consecrate,  


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I can't say I had a favorite MMO. But certain things I liked/remembered about some MMO's stood out as different, interesting, or done well, at the time.

2005 WoW

  • guild management tools and utilities,
  • excellent production value,
  • top shelf  dungeon crawling

2008 Age of Conan   

  • interesting combat system and evasion mechanics,
  • awesome blood and gore animations,
  • naked headbutting FTW

2009 Aion 

  • Kisk resurrection stones,
  • open world bosses
2009 Fallen Earth
  • classless system,
  • gritty art style 
  • interesting crafting system, 
2010 Global Agenda
  • ragdoll mechanics,
  • precise weapons swap mechanic (sound and feel) no-slop mouse wheel control
  • almost a third person shooter, and almost a MMO 

2010 Perpetuum 

  • no fast travel,
  • open world sandbox,
  • Guild diplomatic settings (ally, neutral. hostile),
  • full loot.
  • passive training skill system


2011 Rift 

  • I did like the random rifts, it was a unique way to provide open world pve content. 
2011 Star Wars the Old Republic
  • (Eternal) personal spacecraft as a friends lobby and zone loading was a novel twist,
  • Huttball was fun for a while, 
  • Companions system was fleshed out a bit.

2012 Tera 

  • melee combat felt good,
  • GvG war-decking was fun and promoted rivalry,
  • I liked the combat tells 

2012 GW2 

  • I liked the split combat maps,
  • production values were very good,
  • synergistic classes
  • armor dyes
2013 Darkfall Unholy Wars
  • excellent small squad combat,
  • naval combat,
  • constant risk
2014 ESO online
  • distinctiveness between the classes they each fell into a unique roll,
  • huge beautiful world including the Cyrodiil battleground,
  • small player tags,
  • I liked the sneak mechanic, but it was over powered IMO.


2014 ArcheAge
  • Lots of different stuff to do,
  • glider mechanic was decent,
  • ship combat was pretty good had some fun going digital viking



Most games always had something memorable, but it was the competitive people in-game that determined if the game was thumbs up  

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lotro (lord of the rings online).

story and world building is just great. and its very immersive on the RP-realms.

if performance didn't make so many problems and if loot didn't have such a bad random factor, it would really be a great pve game overall (pvp just sucks there).

and crafting kind of sucks. and don't talk about balancing/scaling...

still, its a great world with much to explore and sooo much nice stories :)

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I liked Firefall very much, it had so much potential, but didnt use it.

 One fallen founder here... there is so much dust on my Locust :mellow:



I liked Firefall because of its SWG like crafting/gathering. So yea, I like SWG and also UO.


If I have to pick one, it will be SWG. The gathering/crafting was done very nicely in that game.

Gathering is usually very tedious work. Although, in UO being a trademan was very rewarding, still so boring without macros.


In SWG, you still had to do some footwork and find good quality of resources and creating a good quality of blueprint requires a certain level of skill but hey, idea of using harvesters and factories was so brilliant. I don't see why no other game has done somthing similar.

I am in one of early access mmorpg and still have to click 'craft' every time. Some people need to learn....

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