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Illegitimus is recruiting


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This is not just another recruitment post...
This is an open invite to anyone interested in becoming a long term guildmate that will establish strong friendships and continue to enjoy other PC gaming genres together. 
We established Illegitimus as a gaming community back in 2011 with the sole purpose to keep friends and family members playing together. Today, we are a strong and engaging community of like-minded individuals.
It is my hope that you will join <illegitimus> in Crowfall.
About us
  • We don't tolerate racism.
  • We use Discord for guild communication.
  • I record and edit videos for us to remember in the future.
  • We respect that people have a life and a family outside the game.
  • We are typically part of an alliance with <Covenant of the Phoenix>, <Purple Dragons>, and <The Knights of Glory and Beer>
  • Establish a friendly place to call home for all members.
If you're interested in joining Illegitimus please apply here.
Thank you for reading and I hope to see you online!
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Thank you for applying Sonix12, your membership has been accepted!


We have one member that is currently in Alpha, a few awaiting beta, and many more excited for release.


If ever you're looking for more people to play games with, please feel free to join us on Discord.


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Currently participating the Albion Online beta, getting familiar with members of our future Crowfall alliance.


Join us.


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