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Captain America: Civil War


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Surprised no one has started a thread about this yet. We saw it last week and I loved it. 



Yeah, it felt more like Avengers 3 (even in the absence of Hulk & Thor) but I was okay with that.

Spider Man stole the show. Best Spidey ever! I look forward to seeing more of him.

Love me some Paul Rudd/Ant Man. Any scene with him was mozo.

Though the reason for the big fight between Tony and Bucky was lame, but the fight scenes themselves made it okay.


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I feel like Scarlet Witch should have had a few more moments of badassery like when she threw the cars at Iron Man and when she blasted Vision underground. Like, for god's sake, she's freaking telekinetic, you'd think she'd use it to more effect.


Black Widow was simply awesome in every respect.


Antman didn't ever use his ants to help him!


All in all it was a good movie but there were a few 'really?' moments.

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Honestly I always like the Captian America movies more then the Avengers. Captian American movies have always had this deep emotional/spy feel to them you just didn't get in the other movies. I thought the dialog and character interactions were WAY better then josh wedons work. I'm a wedon fanboy.
I thought the ending was perfect. You seen ironman, who's been on the edge of cracking since ironman 1, finally snap. People forget that Tony Stark is NOT a soldier. Him and Banner are both civvies. Stark does not have the mental discipline that Caption, Black Widow, Black Pather, hawkeye, or even warmachine have with their training as solders.
Alot of people I've talked to were angry because noone "died" in Civil war, unlike the comics.
No, something died alright. The avengers as a whole died that day.

When Ironman decided to kill winter soldier in cold blood and no longer look at how or why, he fired the shots that finished the avengers off. If Tony had not done that. There was a very good chance that everything would have been forgive and forget.

The Bad Guy won. Zeemo Beat the avengers. It was perfect.


Blackfire1's New Players Guide to Beta Testing
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I was looking through the Dev tracker to search for a quote, and it revealed the spoiler T.T


Grr, I know. Tinnis (iirc) had pointed out that miserable little flaw the other day. After a long hunt for info that I never could find, I put in a ticket to Invision's Support to find out how to kill that -- if it's even possible. There's a thread about it in the Bugs forum. I'll update it when I find out more. 



Dbl grr! Tinnis was reporting about how everyone's spoilers were being displayed from the News Feed (which I had totally forgotten is there because I never use it). Just realized you said Dev Tracker (reading is fundamental, eh?). I think that's homebrewed so there's a chance we might be able to do something about it. I'll check with my web wizards. Thank you for mentioning it and I'm sorry if I ruined anything for you. Good thing we weren't talking about something important like how Darth Vader is really Luke's father or somesuch. ;) 

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Most of the content below...



I'm not as enamored with the new spiderman as everyone else is. I think he sounds like an idiot. He talks smack the whole time, which just makes him a dumber Tony Stark (just realized stark is in two different franchises....). I've seen a ton of spiderman movies and I'm honestly over it. It's cool to merge him into the Universe, but I'm not as stoked as the rest of the world.


The movie itself was alright. Unfortunately, I went to the rest room during story line and came back during the fight at the airport. I have no idea how they got antman and the others at that fight, haha. Still a good movie and I feel like that "fight" was a little weak. The world's greatest heroes and they don't really beat each other up. Maybe their heart wasn't in it and that was the point.


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It's a Marvel movie so I just assume it is as bad and faddish as all other superhero movies.

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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