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(OoC) Thoughts on the writing


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It reminds me of the Elbish writings Tolkien invented, which in kind remind me of the Hebrew writing. In both cases it's not only a script for special occasions, but for eveyday use.

If we stay with Todd's mythological path, who stated that the gods handed the script down to the mortal realms, it could again mean both: language and script in the mundane form, for the mortals couldn't invent it on there own (kinda like the fire thingie). Or it could be the mighty language with whom to conjure magic, known only to the gods until the moment some stupid guy droped it down from heaven, and an equaly lucky mortal guy catched it. Well....


Taking into account that the given language only uses whole words, no single letters or syllables, it's more prone to beeing used in chantings, I'd think. Ritualised (magical!) chantings.

But, if indeed the gods gave this script, for whatever reason, to the mortals, it could have become the foundation for their own letters and script. Like, some basic runes, with basic grammar (well Todd, you said yourself that's not your speciality!) used only by the mages and historians. And some fluent language with an easily written script, based on those runes, for everyday use.

I could imagine knowing those old runes would be a status symbol, for only the rich and mighty could afford their own mage/ teacher from whom to learn them propperly. On the other hand, all importand religious writings would have to be written that way to.


Well...thats all just my sleepy rambling (it's eleven pm here), I imagine myself reading this tomorrow, shaking my had in sorrow xD

I hope I didn't misinterpret your question either, but I thought if you wanted to decipher the script you would have done so in the already existing thread....so....yeah. Just some thoughts!

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Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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