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CrowfallMerchants.com Fansite for Crafters/Merchants


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Hello Everyone,

I would like to announce a new fansite called CrowfallMerchants.com; a website dedicated to EKs in general, and specifically the EK I will be running.




This endeavor is to help crafters/merchants get their wares to the public by spreading the news, and providing a one stop shopping experience.  Any crafters/merchants that would be interested in the pooling of resources, please check out the site, and drop me a line.


I realize that the site is lacking in deep content at the moment, so if you have ideas of any crafting/merchant/EK information you would like access to, please let me know.


Also because this journey was started with a slight RP slant, I would like to provide any fan fiction writers/RPers a place to publish their works about Crowfall.



Mazon servant of Maeve


*Edit* - Added RSS function @ CrowfallMerchants.com/wp/feed

25 May 2016 - Added German and French language options (still needs a few tweaks)

Edited by Mazon
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You'll be waiting awhile for content sadly I think! :)

:D - True


So the community knows; the site will be available for at least 3 years (after that I still plan on renewing the hosting), so I'm investing in the long haul of this site and Crowfall in general.

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Nice job Mazon!


Don't you have a newsletter to subscribe to to know when you put new stuff on it?

That would be nice :)

I have just added an RSS function to the site.  Use any reader and follow us at CrowfallMerchants.com/wp/feed


Anytime that I post something on the wordpress page, it should automatically be pushed to the RSS and you will get notified.


You can access the wordpress page directly by using CrowfallMerchant.com/wp/

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Update for the fansite.  While the content is still lacking, I am taking the time to put work into building the site for when content is added.


The latest update is a localization effort for German and French readers.  The translations were done using free online software, so if anything is wrong, please let me know and we can work to correct things.


Eventually my hope is that I can also add localilzation to the RSS feed, but that's a battle for another day.

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