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Hello all, new crow here! :)

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Go back to WoW! We don't need your kind! :P

Glad you made it. Still lots of cool testing to do. BTW how'd you find our little slice of MMO Heven


Thanks man, i actually never played WoW, but thanks for the welcome here.


Found about 1 year ago somewhere on youtube.

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Wanted to ask you guys...any one using maybe Lenovo Y700 Laptop for this game?

If so, wanted to hear if its running smoothly on that set.


The Lenovo Y700 has a GTX960M and an i7-6700HQ. It will run the game pretty well when the game is a little more optimized. Right now we're all playing at pretty low fps since it's early testing. I have a GTX780 and an i5-2500K and I get around 20 fps at 2560x1440 and not much more at 1080. I'd guess you'd be looking at similar framerates.

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