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Does It Really Matter?

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Hey all. Born in SF and raised in CA. for 19 years (most of the time in SD). Circumstances lead me to Iowa where I have lived since 95.


Never played and RPG and probably never will. think they are pretty boring to tell you the truth but to each their own. I enjoyed racing and fighting games more as far as console gaming goes (mortal combat, need for speed, midnight club, etc.). So one day in 2010 I was looking for a chatroom to troll and happened to come across this ad for a game called "Shaiya" and said to myself, heck why not. It DID say "free to play" *sigh*. It was my first MMO and I actually became very addicted to it despite that it was definitely a "pay to win" game. I still am of the belief that the main aspects of the game (open world PVP and mobs that made hilarious noises when killed) were pretty fun and played it for about a year. What killed it for me, surprisingly enough, was NOT the pay to win aspect but that their customer service was nonexistent at best! They never seemed to have a problem taking your $ but always seemed to have issues giving you what you ordered and refused to take phone calls. 


So after Shaiya, I gave DC Universe a shot. It was ok and passed the time until SOE got hacked and was shut down for a few weeks. While it was shut down, I had found out about SWTOR and my mouth dropped. I couldn't wait till it's release and was fairly happy with the game for awhile. Talked a friend at work into joining me and we have been pretty close despite him being an Oakland traitors fan and me being a diehard niners fan (although I may not be watching football for the next 5 years if they keep doing what they're doing ugh). After my friend had made the top spot in their first "solo ranked" rankings and continued disappointments in SWTOR and almost 3 years, I went looking for another game for us to play and had found "Archeage". I told my friend about it and we both gave it a shot. After realizing how much of a false advertisement that was, I left that game and my buddy is still playing. He was a little disappointed in my leaving so I posed a challenge for him to find another game him and I could play together and here we both are.....

If you can't dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with truthiness

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