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website bugs and suggestions

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  1. Clicking on the image of the Playtest Support FAQ (in Playtesting) directs to the Campaign Modules FAQ 
  2. In the Combat FAQ (new format), after clicking on a question, the first 2-3 lines of the answer are covered by the website banner (The Game, About, etc.). Have to scroll up to see it. [image]  
  3. On the main page, same issue: after clicking on Glory (or Wealth, Power) the website banner covers the upper part of the image. [image]  
  4. In the store, the Bronze bundle does not have the Early Access tag next to it.  
  5. The image of the Combat FAQ is strangely cropped. [image]  



  1. Adding the Ranger to the Archetype Spotlight on the main page  
  2. On the website, changing the name of the Articles category into Media and moving News under Community  
  3. In the Media category, creating 3 distinct pages: concept art, videos, screenshots  
  4. On the media pages, aligning the images (similar number of characters in description or smaller font size). [image]  
  5. Using different images for the banners of the FAQ, Archetypes and Playtest Schedule pages instead of the one currently  used on +20 pages.  
  6. Visually I think I prefer the current FAQ format rather than the new one. It's handy to be able to click and move to the answer though. The red color is not fitting very well with the rest imo.  
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Many of these are known issues but I still appreciate that you took the time to go through everything and jot down what you found. The truth of the matter is that we're working so shorthanded that it takes us a while to work through the to do list. 


The FAQ section is going to get a major overhaul so most of the comments you've made related to issues there will go away when we transition over. The new interface is far more user-friendly for both site visitors and content updaters. I'm probably more excited about it than anyone should ever be about a FAQ interface but that thing has been a nightmare to deal with for as long as I've been here. 


The Media section will be next. We're going to narrow down the number of categories and make it easier to navigate. 


And lots more. 

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