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Hi-De- Hi To All

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Sad to say that I just stumbled across Crowfall and was immediately captivated!


Am a vet of too many MMOs to list except one which was defining in my gaming life. Star Wars Galaxies. I started about a week after official launch and stayed until they finally killed off crafting with the NGE. Since then, I've tried game after game, searching for anything that could compare to the SWG Craft System only to be let down time and time again.


At the moment, the only game I'm playing is Ingress, I'm a L16 Resistance agent based in Cork City, Ireland.


My hopes for Crowfall are simple, bring back the joy to crafting. I had so many happy hours, travelling across the SWG world, looking for that sweet spot to drop a harvester / afk sample resources, knowing that I'd be able to add that 0.025% extra whatever to the item I could craft. 


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Welcome to the hype Irishgeezah. Crafting in Crowfall ... check. ;) Koster on the dev team ... check.

Just be careful of the junkyard dogs in the forum. They haven't been fed their daily PvP kills lately.


I agree the crafting looks exciting but waiting for the countdown is zzzzz. Just check the forum for updates on Tuesdays usually.




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