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Sad with what we get in the game so far... Anyone share same feeling?

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I used to be super hyped with the game, i have 2 sapphire accounts and i try to bring some friends into the hype but i see the development is so slow for what have been promised, the deadline in the kickstarter was the end of this year to the game release, i know this game is all about pvp and teamplay, but many of us wanna see more about our kingdom and crafting, and i feel thats alot more to be done than 7 months of work, and my hype is been slowly bringed to death.


I just want to discuss if there will be a major update anytime soon, to Alpha ou even Beta, because the game is on pre alph for a year and still just a little content to see :(

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Development hasn't been slow... just slower than a super optimistic crowd would hope for...


Games take time to build, and even longer to build if you want to do it right...


Should never crowdfund a game without expecting a marathon and waiting a few years. 


Their dev team doesn't zerg recruit... they can't just zerg content into the game...


Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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I think its moving along well. I'm sure it doesn't seem that way in the abstract. Test some and you'll know exactly what's up. Even if you hate it at least you'll understand what's good and what isn't (and what doesn't exist yet). 


Combat is improving, but a large portion of the backers / testers want tweaks. A small and kind of vocal minority of testers want a total rework in favor of twitchy combat. An even smaller contingent seem to want the opposite - telling me the devs are actually getting close to where they probably want to be in terms of "speed" or jumpiness (not a word) of combat at least. These guys have been very clear from day 1 that they can't and don't want to make everyone happy. Todd knows what he wants to do. I just hope he has the balls to stick to his philosophical and metaphorical guns (yep, that's@JTodd).


Nearly half of the Archetypes are in or on the immediate horizon (OK, between 1/3 and 1/2 really), so I think that's fine really. Their extremely modular approach to design and development really does appear to work to streamline content addition. I suspect we will have all ATs in by early 2017. Summer at the latest.


The siege backbone is in. That's actually fairly huge. Ya, it gets really boring doing your 100th SP attack or defense. It has to be 10x worse for the folks without a guild and VOIP server. I'm thinking about doing something about that myself.


Training and character building is in(ish), but completely short-bus / remedial currently. I hope to high-heaven its coming. Biggest reason I'm interested in the game. Anyone who enjoyed SB style character building knows what I'm trying to say, albeit ineffectually. The re-roll value was insane in that game. I only hope CF's vessel system (still gives me a minor aneurysm)  delivers 1/3 of that feel.


EKs are a dream at this point, but its clear they are incoming later. Very hard for me to conceptualize yet. Even harder for me to understand the true relationship between EK "investment" and benefit / advantage in the various CWs. I'm excited to be a part of drawing those lines, however.


Crafting - Id. Ditto. See above. Coming, but let's get the core ready first. And no - crafting is not the core of this game. It will be huge - because it will impact the core of the game: killing fools in an organized chaos of glory.


Ancillary systems like caravans and other player conflict POIs aren't in yet, but I suspect they are already working on these. They just seem so excited when they describe these systems.


@OP The real take home is this: play the persistent testing module they are planning now as a sort of "mini-campaign" and then come back here and let me know what you think. I'll be extremely curious about that. You honestly don't seem to have a foundation for any opinion regarding the state of the game current;y.


I do not mean that as any kind of insult.


edit: forgot all about performance. It's honestly poorly made socks at the moment. I understand that's something they are working on right now and I expect big improvements. We haven't really seen even 100 player SPs yet. I'm hoping something like that can support 4 times that number in the end. Maybe I'm being unrealistic.

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To be honest I was impressed with the speed of progress and though things were coming along nicely until 2 issues, the vessel switch and then the trouble with supporting larger groups PVPing. Yeah those are pretty big issues, but until then, I thought things were going very well, meeeting my expectations.

I role play a wordsmith.


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OP -


This is pre-release - testing.


This is NOT early-Access play time.


A)  "I know that!  Why you saying that?  I'm talking about timelines and stuff . . ."

B.)  At the risk of offending some people, I'm going to throw a dart on the wall and say 50% of you don't get that.  Testing . . . is actually work.  And while testing has as a component "testing to see if things are "fun" or not, working "right" or not" . . . there is (actually) no expectation testing any of that is . . . . going to be . . . fun . . . or "right".  At least at first, and probably out to near release in, hopefully, diminishing fashion (meaning gradually things get better, more funner).


Eventually it will be (more so).  Earlier on it's probably going to be (less so).  Fewer expectations and hopes will be seen (early on), while hopefully (more of those) will be seen later on.


You must be patient, positive at this stage of game development.


Creation is an uncertain business as far as schedules go.  Frankly, "The Schedule" is usually the first casualty of War in development and project management.  It's the ever-present target one tries to protect, but the inevitable victim of any number of conditions and circumstance..


ACE has no vested interest in disappointing us, features or scheduling.


This time period is still the first phases IMO of CF development.  I'm looking out to the long haul because when I signed on with my $$ (modest though that has been) I truly want this to be great . . . even if I don't end up liking the result personally (e.g. mix of PvE vs PvP and how that's calibrated).


How wierd is that to say?  I guess what I mean is:  Looking back at Age of Conan as an example . . . so much great stuff in there.  Loved the portrayal, loved the zones, plenty of questing to do, my recollections of combat are ok, but the dang game at release was actually UNFINISHED.  Anyone played AOC remember the completely unfinished Bank/Auchtion House/Mail system - attachments triad?  Fatally bugged quests far too frequently, faulty syncing with instances so peeps standing next to each other in the same party not able to be with each other, etc., etc.


Not to mention that foundational area that influences everything above it:  Performance and what's affecting it.


Even if CF doesn't turn out to be really what I wanted in a game . . . I WANT ACE TO SUCCEED . . . so I can smile and look forward to their next endeavor that I might find fits me.


I want to believe in a development house and its staff.  Cause and effect.  Symptom versus Root Cause.  "I want to believe in Santa and his Elves" . . . not the toy stuffed in the stocking.  (/palmface . . . did I actually just SAY THAT?!)


Be patient (and I know it's difficult).


It's not a "fanboi" position on my part.  It's just I see the ambitions ACE put out for the project, I see the ambitious expectations, passionately stated, by a lot of the Community here in these forums and it's only the Combat part they are wrestling with at this time.


All that Vision on their part, and by all of you reading this as up and coming players, is WORTH some patience,   And it's going to be necessary.  We DON'T want CF to be a repeat of AOC-unfinished but released.


Dang you ACE people for good PR early on!  What were you thinking!?   :D


Anyway, I wasn't really poking at you.  I was being sincere.  The patience thing is horribly uncomfortable at times.


Take care.

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“Letting your customers set your standards is a dangerous game, because the race to the bottom is pretty easy to win. Setting your own standards--and living up to them--is a better way to profit. Not to mention a better way to make your day worth all the effort you put into it." - Seth Godin

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And then you lost a level?  Oh, the days of hardcore...


Honestly, the days of being amazed at the ability of game devs to put us into a fully realized, dangerous and at the time "living" world are probably behind us. Everquest deserves a place in MMO history forever for what it accomplished at launch. I always fondly recall my times in Everquest, even if death caused me a few hours worth of setback. Always struck me as carebearish the death penalties we see in MMOs these days. Really makes me pine for the gaming era of old.

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