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What do y'all consider a griefer?

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Let me have a crack at this word's meaning in the context of multiplayer games where players compete against each other (e.g. PvP MMOs). Let me put it in points to be more clear.

1. Objective: We play these games to win, every action we take usually must give us some advantage over our opponents or help our allies.

2. Point 1, follows that if you kill someone or betray or rob it is within reason.

3. Point 2 follows that if you do the above written things but it gives you no advantage (e.g. killing a broke/neutral player, who has nothing to give you). This can be included in griefing, as you did it cause you wanted to do it just to kill.

4. Point 3 follows the definition of a serial killer, who are real life greifers.


So, what do you guys think? How correct/incorrect is my definition? 

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Might as well toss my opinion in. I know some will disagree, but its an opinion so tough! :P

As more rules and systems are released, I may revise my opinion as well.


In Crowfall, it is hard to grief. That is how the game is designed.


I would consider OOC / real world harassment griefing. That is already explicitly banned in the TOS.

IC harassment is distasteful but part of the RP experience and as such not griefing.


I would also FEEL griefed if someone continually killed me over and over by camping my spawn AFTER all my gear is broken / destroyed / stolen. 


In partial / no loot worlds, the only way to remove someone's gear fully IS to spawn camp them. Therefore despite my distaste for the practice, while they still have gear, it isn't griefing in Crowfall. 


In Crowfall, once there is no tangible game rules / mechanic benefit, if you keep harassing them then you have crossed the line. 

(Plus isn't it more fun to let them think they are recovering and then crush them again?)


TL;DR - Resetting a player to "zero" is fine, resetting a player to "zero" multiple times with breaks in between is fine,  continually harassing them after they are "zeroed" is not. 

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