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Star Citizen - Concept Sale until 27. June (Lifetime Insurance)


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Just writing this because i was looking for a concept sale myself and missed nearly every single one. If you are one of those people like me, you might appreciate this. If not, just ignore this thread.


There is a new Star Citizen concept sale, regarding the Drake Dragonfly, including a lifetime insurance - for 41.65$ including VAT, up to June 27th.


This might be one of the last chances to get a lifetime insurance that cheap. So hurry up if you are interested.



Some additional informations in the spoilers for those who don't know what i am talking about.


What is Star Citizen?


Star Citizen is a Science Fiction MMO in the tradtition if Elite, Wing Commander, the X series and EVE online. With over 100 Million $ Pledges, they are developing one of the great games of the future. Some of the already known details are just mindblowing. However, developing some years now and actually still in Alpha, they will try to release it end 2016. But i guess its more like early 2017. Sounds familar, huh? Just like with crowfall they will do some pretty new stuff.



What is a Lifetime Insurance?


Its a space simulation. So you will fly ships. And you might loose ships. You can buy an ingame insurance in game and with ingame credits, to ensure you to get your ship back if it is destroyed, stolen or whatever. If you buy a ship before release (pledge) you usually will get an insurance for about 6 month (3-12). But a Lifetime Insurance grants you an insurance without any fee through all of your gaming time (and for the one single ship it has been applied to). Lifetime Insurances are only included in concept sales. Meaning, they don't come often.



What is a Concept Sale and what are the prices?



A Concept Sale is meant to help funding the development of a specific ship. The price of such a ship usually follows the scale of the ship. Comparable with crowfall fortresses they start with some dozen dollars for small ships up to hundreds for big ships (and thousands if you dare to buy a capitol ship that need 80+ persons to fly it efficiently).

Middle single player ships are usually prices round about 100$+. Concept Sales are always cheaper than later versions of the ship. And this 40$ concept sale is REEEALLLY cheap.




I'm not interested in this dumb small ship, so why should i care?


Because you can upgrade ships. And because the lifetime insurance will be applied to the upgrade. So this is interesting for players who would like to play star citizen AND would like to have a lifetime insurance AND would like to buy a ship BUT don't know what ship to buy yet. Or for investors. ;) So just buy this LTI ship and upgrade later to have your dream ship including a LTI. Or sell it in ebay to those who would like to do excately this.



What do i have to know about this kind of stunts?



- Ships can only be transferred once. If you buy it and don't want to use it yourselve, you can only sell it to a final consumer. Same if you buy any ship not from RSI but from another person, you cant sell it to another person. So this is your option to buy a ship (or to say: a lifetime insurance) including the option to sell it later again.

- You can only upgrade ships during alpha. So don't be late. As far as i know, the insurance will only be transferred if you upgrade your ship before beta. So you will have to hurry or to gamble. There might be some month before beta, but who knows. If you didn't upgrade before the date, you will be stuck with a lifetime insurance ... on a small ship with no real use.

- There will be no lifetime insurances after release. You get it now or you don't get it at all.

- Up to now there are good prices on ebay for LTI's. For the seller.





P.S.: Oh, i forgot to mention. If you are completely knew to Star Citizen you can get an extra 5.000 ingame credits by using my referral code STAR-4KJ7-FDXF while registrating. Just an option. Ask your friends first if they play star citizen, they will appreciate you using their referral code.

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I feel like this is the game i keep hearing about that seems to perpetually be asking for more money than any other game in development.


I watched one of the latest videos on it reviewing the latest updates, and it still seems like they keep adding more single player / co-op assets and less mmo functionality. More ships, more missions, more things to buy -- but not that much about bringing it together into one persistent world.


The impression it all gives me is like they're designing one of the most ambitious co-op space fps / tps you might see for the xbox one or ps4, while the mmo part is an afterthought. That could just be because im not following it as closely as others, though.

aka honeybear

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I feel like this is the game i keep hearing about that seems to perpetually be asking for more money than any other game in development.


I watched one of the latest videos on it reviewing the latest updates, and it still seems like they keep adding more single player / co-op assets and less mmo functionality. More ships, more missions, more things to buy -- but not that much about bringing it together into one persistent world.


The impression it all gives me is like they're designing one of the most ambitious co-op space fps / tps you might see for the xbox one or ps4, while the mmo part is an afterthought. That could just be because im not following it as closely as others, though.


Its true, the progress of the game just isnt there yet. But its builded as an MMO, not a poorly made socksty Coop game which are most often just an excuse to an MMO, because the developers werent able to build an MMO.

They really got to work on the MMO aspects now and the world instead of just always only making more ships and more money with ships.

A friend of mine who was much longer interested into Star Citizen than me, because he played many space sims before, is saying to me that he thinks that they arent getting Star Citizen done. He means that they wont be able to create Star Citizen because they are so ambitious, but they actually are getting not very much done so far in all these years, and that the progress is far too small for their ambition. They just are aiming too high, and dont have a plan or anything to reach there.


I am really not happy with the progress they are showing so far. In all these years there is just a very small online world where players can do almost nothing. Its really very very low what they are actually showing so far. I dont know what they are thiking when they are going to work on the huge, immersive MMO world, with all the sun systems and planets and citys, not to mention the amazing AI of the game, and all these MMO aspects, which are the real crucial and important parts.


These are the really determining parts and the reason why all other major game studios have given up on the MMO genre, because its just too complex, difficult and expensive to create these MMO aspects in a well working, mordern manner, which you would expect today. And I am really really curios what they are thinking when they are going to tackle these crucial parts.


ArtCraft Entertainment (Crowfall) tackled their crucial parts right from the beginning, to have most of the development time possible to get these right and working how they are intending them to work. Also Crowfall/ACE is much more transparent and communicative than Star Citizen/CIG. I think CIG could really learn a lot from ACE.


It seems to me like courant101 already metioned in another thread, that CIG is pretty happy with the situation, they are in right now, being in development, getting a hell lot of money from hopeful people, and not having any publisher or other institution controlling or supervising them.

They are basically doing whatever they wanna do, building space doors into their nice developer studios and so on.


Having a nice developer life with a ton of money and a title in development for how many years nobody wanna or feels like giving you an answer to, but so distant in the future apparently, that they even arent giving out any estimated/anticipated release date anymore, or giving out the slightest plan of execution of their venture, explaining their future steps or even only next steps they are going to take in order to being able to create this ambitios project, making it reality. I get a bit the impression from that, that they are unaware theirselves of what is necessary to do in order to being able to get there where they are aiming to get to.


From what I was able to perceive so far of what they are doing is pretty much this.

Creating always more concept-ships than they are able to get flight-ready in the same time, but are able to monetize from.

Basically meaning that they are creating ongoing concept-ships, which arent existing anywhere, but they are able to cash in from those very very good,

while they arent able to get all these concept ships flight ready into the game at the same speed of time in which they are creating and cashing in on these,

this way producing a hell lot of ships in stock, while occasionally adding very sligthtly something to the Baby Persistent Universe (PU), which is what is Star Citizen all about, but apparently its not a top priority of theirs to work on the PU/MMO part.


And also of course creating these concept ships with a huge attention to detail in their very first iteration/model, which costs a huge amount of work time, so that the players are impressed and happy with their ships and what good work the devs are doing, only to smash all of this huge amount of work/time against the wall, to create a new iteration/model of the same ship later. This way they are losing so incredible much work and time for basically barely nothing.


And this is all they are doing apparently up to today in all the years they are working on Star Citizen, because the PU is still a less than a Baby PU. The PU, which is the MMO aspect of Star Citizen, is at the moment in all these years still only a very tiny world, offering almost nothing. Some very tiny part of persistence was only recently added to the PU with Alpha Patch 2.4, and its much much less than people have expected. The progress of Star Citizen is very underwhelming so far to say it clearly. They are far, soo incredible far away from having just an online persistent world, relevant enough to speak about it, in all thse xears of development, that you really have to ask with what they are spending their time. There are 4 fully equipped/builded game studios working on this one project all around the time, the whole day Star Citizen is being worked on from studios in the USA and Europe, there isnt an hour left to waste, and this is all the progress they were able to getting doen so far in all these years... . I know they first had to build up all these studios, hire people, find out how to collaborate the best way, optimizing the workflow between 4 arising studios, etc.


But its just that from what they are aiming up to do, where there are aiming to go to, to reach with their project, its all just still so far away and I dont get an reliable impression provided by them of they they are planning to be able to get there anytime soon.


I am not a Derek Smart or anything, I love gaming, and the gaming industry is a mess right now. The gaming industry gives a **** about games, they arent gamers, nor are they interested into game or making good, ambitious games. They simply arent gamers or interested into games, they laugh about gamers and people who really like videos games, all they care about is money and theirselves having a nice life.

And they surely arent willing to risk anything to make any ambitous, risky game project. The major game companys in the gaming industry are simply stupid capitalistic financial investors/companys, but they are to 100% not gamers or people who give anything about games, I assure you.

They dont understand the slightest thing about games or give anything about games, they are only empty, money-driven, crap, selfish people.


Thats why the quality of video games is constantly falling and why there are no ambitious game projects out there on this planet besides Star Citizen and a few Indie-crowdfunding projects, who really give it all they have, and which are very ambitious for the little resources they are having.

I love games, from the bottom of the essence of what is making me being alive and wanting to continue this status of being, or rather giving me the desire to continue to be. And if you really love games like I do, you are really suffering from this Dark Age of (Online) Gaming, where there is no ambition, artistic expression or desire, creativity present in so called AAA titles. When capitalism found out at the end of the 90s that you can make tons of money with video games, everything changed to the worst. Capitalism or like Chris Roberts and other real game developers say "The Suits" destroyed the vital and blooming game industry sustainably.


I am so incredible happy that we have crowdfunding today, and this way being able to finally break these chains layed up on us through capitalism, and limiting us from creating ambitous and amazing projects/games, only because some well living rich people are afraid of loosing some stupid cheap money, of which there is so much circulating around the financial world, that its toally ridiculous.

I am so incredible happy that we people know have the power ourselves to create ambitous games/projects, if we all come together, trust and control each other, and really have faith in each other, and really want to make this project becoming reality, really wanting this.


And damn, I really really want Star Citizen! So to hell with all of this, lets just really cooperate and make our shared ambitions becoming reality. If we really are honest, true and real, with each other, as well as caring and interested for one and another, trying to understand each other and looking from different perspectives at things, there is nothing going to be able to stop us (from rescuing this world we are linving in and from) for sure!


Lets be constructive and stop destroying everything, this very world we are living in and from, and as well as each other too of course. Lets just stop this capitalistic total nonsense of life/world. Its leading to nothing of virtue, as we all should be knowing by now.

Damn, where did I start with this text again, and where did I want to be going with this?! Next time I should really be better make myself a plan/concept or something before I start writing, damn. But then it wouldnt be so real and passionate and full of soul, I guess.

Well anyway, screw this, I gonna go now buying myself some capitalistic Icecream...


After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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