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-Important. If You're Starting A Guild, Please Read.-

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I've started a thread up about a guild I'm planning to run, now the problem I suddenly realised was that what if some members are going to be playing on EU and some on NA? This could be a MAJOR issue, luckily enough I'm willing to pass the guild on to certain people for different servers, however, this would be a problem if there is nobody to run it for EU or NA players, so I'm stressing to you now, as I've skimmed over a few threads about guilds, majority didn't specify which servers (EU or NA) they'd be playing on. Obviously, this wouldn't be a problem if time-zones weren't so different for us. a few places in EU are up to 6 hours ahead, see the problem? 


So, the final message: SPECIFY WHICH SERVERS YOU'LL BE PLAYING ON. Time-zones can be BIG OBSTACLES. ;)  

Last Call (A community guild for friendly peoples waiting out for CrowFall :P): http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/888-last-call-a-community-for-friendly-people/

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