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Ramping up for Crowfall Live! - Official discussion thread


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Let's speculate:


A partnership announcement : Logitech (based on the picture) 

Surprise guests : Raph Koster and Natalie  :D  

Design reveals : crafting, caravans, thralls  

Live demonstrations from our amazing artists : Guinecean guns 3D sculpting  

Beat-the-Dev playtests : RIP Tyrant  

Murder of Crows live : Melissa  

Future plans for ACE : consoles   

Hourly prizes and sales : Guineceean plushies  

And even more…:ph34r:

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"A partnership announcement," - Not sure if I should be afraid...


My money's on Zynga.



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I'll go with NCSoft... They always seem to turn up when an MMO is in development.

If this happens there will be blood. I still have not forgiven NCsoft for City of Heroes. I may never

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Crosses fingers. Not Daybreak. Not Daybreak.. please God no!


I wouldn't worry about DBG.  They can barely keep their own projects running let alone funding an out of house project.

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Seems the partnership announcement is the big news for most of us. It doesn't have to be EU partnership, could be Asian as well. If it is EU then ACE might be excited about it, but we as players might not. We have provided a big list with publishers we don't want to see, but ACE might not have a lot of choice. Not sure if I'm afraid or excited. I hope to see ACE publish it themselves with a partnership to handle support and legals.

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