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Public Voice Chat & Prize Give Away!


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Ace is throwing an awesome all day extravaganza this come Monday June 27th which I'm sure you will want to be apart of. To do our part we have created The UnOfficial Crowfall Server for everyone! It's a few weeks old and we've been adding features and gathering a some community members in. We know many guilds have their own private voice chat which leave many out in the cold. So to entice all those without banners (aka us randos) to group up on voice chat during these coming play tests we will be holding a give away. During each test block for every five players we have using our game rooms (SP or HD) we will give away Support Bundle! Up to 5 Support Bundles per testing block.


This means if the same five people play in our rooms each test we'll give away three Support Bundles. One during EACH test block. This also means if we have 25+ people playing during each test block we will give away all five Support Bundles during each test block for a total of fifteen! The more people that show up the more prizes we can give away.


So come on by meet some new friends and maybe get some free swag just for testing the game we all are dying to be finished. Once again this is for June 27th testing.




(This server is for public use and will have minimal rules and moderation!)


**EDIT 6/26/16**


This server is for public use and will have minimal rules and moderation!


–---------**SERVER RULES**-----------


1. All NSFW links or images are strictly forbidden.


2. Keep the language PG-13.


3. No Racist, Personal Attacks, or Spam.


4. Wheaton's Law is always enforced. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/325/176/69f.jpg


-----------IMPORTANT LINKS------------


UnOfficial Crowfall Community Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0wjluGLmPPK9K6Lw

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Thanks Keaggan!


This was a great choice. The best thing the community can do is fill in the gaps. Tinnis created his amazing resource site. I'm making progress on the QA Tracking system. And now you've created this Voice Server for everyone. 

The best way we're going to grow as a community is if we keep finding holes that exist in our network and filling them in! I've signed up. And thank you for being willing to throw support in order to make this happen. You're fantastic!



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What is a support bundle?


It is this but it also can be turned in for credit.


2016 SUPPORTER BUNDLE View Details
  • Allows you to post on the Crowfall forums!
  • Special Thanks in the credits
  • 2016 Supporter Avatar Frame
  • 2016 Supporter Forum Badge
  • Note: This bundle does NOT include a copy of the game




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Need a replacement since the Slack channel has basically died (which no one should be surprised at). 


Highly endorse this. I enjoyed chatting with community members. Discords a great tool, especially with it developing an API finally.

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Some good live discussions have been started.

One from our #public_chat

What I've read about tournament: "single-elimination Tournament ladder for guilds to compete on a annual (or bi-annual) basis" "Guilds will have to win a Campaign to qualify, at which point they will be pitted against each other in a single elimination, winner-take-all Tournament to take home the Dragon Throne -- an Artifact which benefits everyone in the Kingdom" "Complete for the ultimate prize in each band of Worlds (the Dragon Throne, or the greatsword Grievance)" --- tournament could have terminator rules to reduce import influence / import rules will need adjustment.




Got the Twitter Bot working to stream @CrowfallGame twitter feed into our #news section.

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