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Live Stream Crafting Updates 06/27

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This will be sort of a "Live Caw" (It's like a live tweet but, for crows...BADUMP CHHHHH) of all the new crafting information that comes from the live stream tomorrow. I'll be live updating this list for the full 12 hours. If you're not watching the stream or you missed something, make sure to check back here every hour.


All times below are CST.


8am_9am -

- No Crafting info but, Sassy Doggett is Sassy.

9am_10am -

- Trees in game world be actual harvesting nodes for lumberjacks.

- (non-crafting) Campaign worlds may take hours to run across.

10am_11am -

- Crafters can build custom wall pieces for castles.

- Players can hire crafters to modify their castles.

11am_12pm -

- No Crafting info

12pm_1pm -

- No Crafting info

1pm_2pm - 

- No Crafting info

2pm_3pm -

- I won a prize! Yay (Also there's a test starting now)

3pm_4pm -


- Thanks again Tinnis https://sites.google.com/site/crowfallresource/future-game-info/discipline-runestones

4pm_5pm - 

- POI's and Harvesting

- Ummm....no sound or new info on this yet....

- resources will have a color based hierarchy and will explode from nodes onto the ground when harvested (like a pinata) 

5pm_6pm - 

- Harvesting nodes will be randomly generated based on preset terrain rules

6pm_7pm - 

- No Crafting info

7pm_8pm - 

- Testing phase 2



In Summary, there wasn't much new info about crafting today. Sorry for the tease everybody. The good news is, starting with the next testing phase it will be the first step in the main crafting system for testing. So we should be getting more info and goodies within the next month or so.


Have a good night everybody! If you have anything crafting related that I missed, post it below in a reply.

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Was anything new said about that? 

No, the mentioned it as a subject and then didn't give any new information other than a single concept art. Most of the information they talked about today is just a rehashing of previous info.

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